August 2021 Power to Transform

Are you ready to make things happen in August?

It’s time for you to get clear and focus on what you want and act in August! The 8-vibrational energy this month gives you an extra scoop of your will power to make things happen. The vibrational 8-energy of August is also loaded with powerful manifesting abilities. Manifesting can happen even if you don’t believe you can manifest.    August can make you a believer if you decide to act now! Don’t wait until September, that will be a whole new vibrational energy for you to experience.  

Which dream do you want to manifest first?

The art and science of manifesting uses the power of your mind to make a commitment to focus your creative energy to transform dreams, desires, and visions into reality. The dictionary says the word transform is a verb. Verbs are action words. Transform means to make a thorough or dramatic change in the form, the appearance, or the character of something or someone.    Last month July’s vibrational 7-energy asked you to take time out of your busy day to pause frequently so that you could create mindful moments. Often during mindful moments, you can connect to a self-doubt or perhaps a fear that could be blocking a dream or desire from being manifested.   

Where does desire come from?

When you want to transform dreams, desires, and visions into your life these ideas come from a deeper part of you. The mindful moments you created in July connected you to the deeper aspects of who you are. This intuitive process of creating mindful moments began inspiring you to know that you have the power to transform your dreams in August.  

What is your Heart’s Desire?

The What’s My Destiny Numerology Portal can calculate your Heart’s Desire for you.  This number reveals what motivates you and inspires you to fulfill your deepest desire.  This calculation is unlocked for Member’s level and Facilitator’s level access.  You can upgrade here.  You can also learn how to calculate this yourself in the Chart Your Destiny course.  

Want more transformation? Learn the Art and Science of Transformation

Lori Palm and I have created a very successful practice that we use with teaching people the art and science of transformation. We have discovered your transformation success will be activated when you explore the deeper aspects of who you are being before you begin a transformation plan. Why? Because when you know who you are you soon know what you need to be doing.  

How will you use your inner energy to transform? 

The Power of intentional transformation comes with exploring a deeper knowledge of self- awareness. The power of transformation energy comes from within by using the energy of your innate powers of Core Passion.  To learn more about Core Passion, visit  

Make it Real with Tools and Programs

I want to share with you some of our unique intentional power to transform processes. You can use these to transform your dreams into reality today.  
  • Know who you are; explore your unique blueprint using the wisdom of Numerology. Learn more in the Chart Your Destiny Program and Wes Hamilton’s What’s My Destiny Numerology Portal.
  • Discover your innate driving forces of energy using your Core Passion Codes. Learn more with the Core Passion Assessment at
  • Write your desires or your dreams into a short 12- word I AM statement. Coming soon: Get Out of the Weeds Program.
  • Create a collage using your intuition to choose pictures to show your dream. Coming soon: Core Passion Life Program Sampler.
  • Create a series of actions with your personal timelines and Core Passion Codes to monitor your successes. Core Passion Pivot Your Destiny Program.
  You may find working with someone or in a small group will help you learn and support each other with this life changing process. It’s time to create the life you have always dreamed would happen someday!   ~ Wes Hamilton, Master Numerologist

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Team What's My Destiny on 2021-10-13
So many changes! I am glad it is easy now. Anyone else seeing how to change what was stuck and now isn't?