Ready to create what you want using the Manifestation Code with a proven process?

Wes Hamilton

I believe the first step to discovering and activating and using the secret formula, is to KNOW WHO YOU ARE. “When you know who you are, you know what to do!” Sounds silly? Not really, you may know a lot about who you are by looking at your driver’s license. You may even have more of an idea by talking about the work you do. Often you may identify yourself with a title you have earned, however, I am talking about who you are as a spiritual being walking around in your body. “Know Thy Self” is the mantra for Plato, Socrates, and Pythagoras.

The second step, is getting clear about “What do you want?”  In the Manifestation Code, this is I, your identified Intention. Most of the time you know what you don’t want. You need to become more aware of WHAT YOU DO WANT because you really do create your life by knowing what you do want. You do this either unconsciously or consciously with your intentions, your desires, your dreams, your beliefs, your opinions, and or your fears. Note to self, *Be mindful of your thoughts*, your thoughts generate the energies and the experiences you live into every day.

The third step in the discover and activation process of the Manifestation Code is about finding your own unique inner driving forces of energy (E2), also thought of as your personal WHY! So, you ask, why is this such a big deal? Everything you have done in your life has been driven by the energies that this formula describes.

Manifesting your dreams and desires requires inspiration, clarity, and direction. It also requires you to use the secret formula process I just shared with you. One of the mysteries of living with passion requires you to take a mental and emotional risk to reach outside of your well-built container of logic and normal everyday experiences. Creating and manifesting with energy resources is natural, organic, mystical, magical and it is the way the Masters do their work.

Once you have tried this secret formula and have achieved a few successes, be sure to be thankful showing gratitude and appreciation. I suggest you celebrate your accomplishments by rewarding yourself with special food, drinks, music, prayer, dance, and anything else that brings you joy. Celebrations mark the completion of your journey as you are learning the arts and science of the mystics and the masters.


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