May 2021 – Change Inspires Adventure

When is the last time you went on a new adventure? Perhaps you are overdue! When you take yourself on an adventure you get to go and do whatever you choose. Every moment shows you something new. Something catches your attention. When you plan an adventure, look for one where you can find something that can change your life. This month of May, the universe has set the energy for change and adventure. Want to go?

What’s the adventure that matches your timing?

 I am excited to tell you that this year the month of May is sending you a double whammy of powerful vibrational adventure energy. Are you planning to check your timing to make the most out of this month’s change and adventure energy? Your own personal timing chart plays a major role in where your adventure will take you this month. Life is constantly asking you to pay attention, be mindful. When you learn how to leverage your timing with the timing of the universe you are on the path to mastery.

Do you jump or hesitate to change?

Are you the type of person who loves change? Perhaps you are the person who hesitates to make a change. Change is often difficult when you don’t have a clue about the outcome. Most of the time change happens when you know that if you don’t change the path that you are on you will reach a dead end. What are your thoughts about change? If change was easy, would you do it?

Wisdom of Numerology - What is the big picture for your life?

Numerology uses science to give you clues of who you are and what you need to do every month. When you use science and logic, changes are easier to make. Why? Because you have information to see the bigger picture of where you are at any moment. Numerology has been successfully guiding folks for thousands of years. A perfect example of this is, last month, in April, Numerology said endings were taking place. Vaccines were stopping the spread of Covid. April’s energy asked, “Are you ready to reimagine your new life?” Each month has words to guide you on how to be and what to do.  In May, be ready for change and new adventure!

What do you want to change in May?

Well, 2021 and May are both vibrating with the 5-energy of change and adventure. This month if you are ready, you will be inspired to take a deep breath, reimagine your dream, say a short prayer for success and blast off on your new adventure. If you are not sure which adventure is for you it would be a good time to check your personal timing chart to help you discover where to look. Review your personal timing chart to better understand what role you need to be in and what tasks do you need to be doing when your adventure begins. What does your chart suggest you do this month? My chart adds another dose of adventure to my month.  Not only is the global year, and global month a 5, my personal month is also a 5.  In the Dashboard definition panel for personal month, in the DO section, travel is one of the keywords for me.  Lori and I are going on a trip for the first 2 weeks of May to Sedona, AZ.  We always find new people and new ideas that change our lives when we go on vacation. Now is a perfect time and the easiest way for us to discover changes on our adventure that will help us live our dream.

What does it feel like when your adventure and dream connect?

It’s a really good idea to have a sense of what your dream looks like. When your adventure and dream align, great things happen. When you are able to see a visual of the dream you carry in your heart you achieve better results. Another secret to having a successful adventure experience this month will happen when you have words to identify how you will feel when your dream manifests. This is how dreams become real. What does your vision look and feel like? Here is a hint about what it could feel like.  On the app Dashboard, click on your personal month plus the global month and look at the BE words in the definition panel. These words show you what you might be feeling this month.  For example, when you feel rebellious in a 5 month, you know you are in the flow of change.  Does your dream need you to feel a bit of rebellion to become real?

What signs do you have that you are living your dream?

This year, April’s energy inspires you to reimagine your life. Your imagination gives you the permission to dream and believe. If you can’t imagine something, you will not be able to create it. May’s vibrational energy is filled to the brim with change and adventure. If you don’t take a risk and go on an adventure, nothing will change. Once your adventure starts, you gain success momentum, when that happens you begin believing in yourself. A lot of things can happen when you reimagine your dream, get inspired by believing in yourself, and go on an adventure to live into your dream that you carry in your heart. What parts of your dream are already showing up in your life?  Watch for signs and feelings that your dream is becoming real.  Do you feel bursts of satisfaction, joy, or happiness?  These are glimmers of your dream becoming real.

Numerology tip - Do it all and see what happens

In the What’s My Destiny app, simply go to the Dashboard (icon in the footer that looks like 4 blocks in a square,) look at your name in the list, and click on the numbers in your Personal Timing block and read the definitions.  Look closely at the DO sections of the definitions. What is easy now for you to do?  Try a few and see how it feels.  Was it easier than you thought? Now you can journal about your results and how the 5 energy of change and adventure shows up in your life this month. 

Meet with the Master Numerologist

If this information piques your interest, I suggest this month you begin to explore the mysteries of the universe. Make May’s vibrational energy work for you to discover how changes can inspire adventures for you.  Become the master of who you really are being as you do what you do. Want to take a shortcut in your research? You could schedule your personal Destiny consultation with me so that I can guide you to understand what you need to accomplish this month, the next 11 months, and your overall timing for this year! To learn more about personal Destiny consultations, click here.

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Team What's My Destiny on 2021-10-13
So many changes! I am glad it is easy now. Anyone else seeing how to change what was stuck and now isn't?