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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. My app stops loading at a semi-transparent screen.  How do I get it to continue loading?

A. Your iPad must have iOS version 9 or newer to load completely.  To upgrade your iPad, open the settings app icon that looks like a gear from your window of app icons.  Next, tap General in the left topics list.  Now tap Software Update.  Your iPad will check for updates.  Select the update to install it.  Restart your iPad after the update. Then, open the What’s My Destiny app again.

Also make sure you have other applications in the background turned off.  You can clear them by double clicking the iPad button and then swiping each app window up to close it.

Q. My app doesn’t save my Contacts.  How do I turn this on?

A. Be sure to agree to using the Contacts feature when you load the app from the app store.  If you may not have, you can re-enable this from your Settings app.  Open the Settings app from your window of app icons.  Next, scroll to the bottom of the topics listed on the left until you see What’s My Destiny.  Tap What’s My Destiny.  Then, toggle Contacts on so it has a green indicator.

Q. The tutorial window displays when the app starts.  How do I close it?

A. Close the tutorial window by tapping the red X icon in the top right of the window. If you need to read it again, you can select it from the main menu on the top left of the gold app bar.  It looks like three horizontal lines.

Q. I am still having trouble.  Who can I call?

A. Contact Pixie Dust at 612-702-2514 for technical support, Monday through Friday 9a to 5p.  After hours, please send email to followme@pixiedustapps.com.

Tutorial Screens

[Two panels of images from starting the app describing how to use it.]

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