Want guides to show you the way while walking on the path of the masters?

Wes Hamilton

Lori and I are teaching a Manifestation Master Class in 2022 that will connect you to the ways of the Wizards, the Shamans, the 9 Muses, and the Oracles. These mythical mystics have been teaching the masters over eons of time how to use their awakened awareness, their energized thoughts, their magnetic emotions, along their “tools of the trades” to manifest their desires.

In November while I was mastering my listening skills, I was told that these mythical mystics wanted Lori and me to start the Manifesting with the Mystics: A Manifestation Master Class. Let us know if if you are ready to connect to your inner mystics by signing up for the waitlist on corepassion.com to be the first to know when registration opens in early 2022.

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