Want help getting out of the weeds?

Wes Hamilton

Learning how to listen is a skill you can use to help you get out of the weeds. Check out our on-demand program: Get Out of the Weeds and Live with Passion and Purpose (add a link to: https://www.corepassion.com/get-out-of-the-weeds-and-into-the-flow/) Listening to the small voice within is a powerful way to communicate with the wisdom of your spiritual self. This voice is not in this dimension, so it requires you to learn the ways of the masters. Listening to your inner voice requires patience and practice so that you become aware there is a spiritual aspect of you that really is available to communicate with for insights and direction.

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Team What's My Destiny on 2021-10-13
So many changes! I am glad it is easy now. Anyone else seeing how to change what was stuck and now isn't?