What is easy for you now looking at your personal month timing?

Wes Hamilton

As I study and practice my Soul's blueprint by using numerology, I better understand who I am being and what I am doing. Numerology has also helped me to realize I have a natural timing calendar that started the day I was born. Knowing this information helps me to plan my strategies for success. I feel more confident and empowered by following my internal cosmic calendar. My personal cosmic timing calendar inspires me to be who I am as I am guided to do what I need to be doing. I love being in the right place at the right time for success to happen. Find your personal timing by logging into this app, select your name on the Dashboard, and read about your personal timing.  What surprised you?  What gave you words for what you already knew but never acknowledge?

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Team What's My Destiny on 2021-10-13
So many changes! I am glad it is easy now. Anyone else seeing how to change what was stuck and now isn't?